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Our Shared Legacy. Our Shared Future.

Fifty years ago, the world changed forever. And it all began right here at UW–Madison, with visionaries who declared, “Enough. The Earth matters too much to ignore any longer.”

1970 saw the birth of both the Nelson Institute and Earth Day: two testaments to Wisconsin’s long history of environmental leadership. Then and now, environmental leadership has been woven into the fabric of the university. Our campus is the birthplace of restoration ecology, wildlife conservation, water resource science, and so much more.

Throughout our 50 years, the Nelson Institute has served as a dynamic community of energetic people from across the globe, all committed to stewarding our planet’s natural resources.

Our strengths and successes have always been found in our diverse community of people, of thought, and of practice. Everyone is welcome in the Nelson Institute. Every individual action or contribution to the community makes an impact

As such, we hope you will help us secure the future of our great Institute. Though we have already achieved much together, there is still work to be done.

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we have launched the Environmental Futures Fund, an endowment fund that will support our critical work for the next 50 years — and beyond.

We invite you: Invest in the legacy. Invest in the community. Invest in the future.

Gifts in any amount are needed and appreciated.

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