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We are a community of designers and builders at UW-Madison within the College of Engineering. Our makerspace, the Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Laboratory, includes 25,000 square feet of shop and flex space with a wide range of rapid prototyping equipment. Largely student run, the makerspace strives to empower students by creating a community immersed in emerging technologies, focused on creating innovative products. In addition, faculty and staff researchers from across the college address pressing needs ranging from novel designs to validation and analysis to ensure peak performance of these technologies.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to provide the Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Laboratory and the College of Engineering the necessary resources to continue supporting this effort.

Personal Message

University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers are working with Wisconsin and national manufacturers, the Madison-based design consulting firm Delve, additive manufacturing company Midwest Prototyping, non-profit makerspace Sector67, and campus colleagues on a range of technologies and solutions in the fight against COVID-19. Among those efforts, faculty and staff in the Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Laboratory at UW-Madison have been instrumental in healthcare-related solutions, including PPE. This work has received wide media coverage, including in the Wall Street Journal, Wired magazine and Nature, and many companies are leveraging its designs and other resources.

Why Donate

As demand for personal protective equipment grows, it is important that we are able to continue our efforts to support people who work in healthcare, public service and many other essential fields.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!